Form is good. Strong foundations are better

You have a lot more potential than you know. We don’t limit ourselves to what we see of you; we go beyond the first glace and really get to know you. By understanding your history, your vision and your real wishes, we develop a made-to-measure strategy for your brand, your products or that new type of service you just can’t wait to develop.


No! Try not
– Do!



We’ll take that weight off your shoulders. By organising creative and interactive workshops for enterprises, consultants and associations, Lemon will identify your problems and find the best solution for you. No sweet-talking here; we lay things out in the open so that we can discuss them together. Then, we’ll offer you everything you need for developing, consolidating and perfecting your strategy.

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"I find that answer vague and unconvincing"


That’s a thought that will never cross your mind when discussing with our team. Our experience and skills enable us to answer questions you haven’t even asked yourself yet. It’s in the heart of Neuchâtel, in Switzerland, that we have developed our expertise, gained experience and fostered collaboration with our clients.

Each project is unique, and we customise our skills to your requirements. Our services vary from case to case, and it’s difficult to enumerate them all, but here is some of what we do for strategy:


Brand Culture

Digital Strategy

Content Strategy

Analysis & Audit


Communication plan

Ad Campaigns

Digital Campaigns